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Technology and the use of advanced driver assistance systems is making driving safer than ever before. Although collisions can still occur, with the help of technology, damage can be reduced.

The new safety features of automotive advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS) do help protect against accidents, however, ADAS also make repairs more complex with cameras and sensors added to the vehicle.

Our technicians at 5-Star Collision & Glass Center are trained and experienced in verifying and repairing ADAS to ensure your vehicle is safe and operational after an accident. Vehicles equipped with ADAS in a collision often require a calibration. The calibrations vary by vehicle, and our technicians use special alignment tools, along with targets to test cameras and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Most vehicles will require the use of a scan tool to perform a calibration in the shop or on a test drive.

Rest assured, when you trust us with your vehicle, our team has the knowledge to properly repair the system and get you and your car back on the road in pre-accident condition.

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