5-Star Collision Repair Process

Choose 5-Star Collision & Glass Center to repair your vehicle. Call, text, email, or simply stop by anytime for an estimate.

Phase 1) The Estimate

RDrive in to 5-Star’s estimate bay, where our I-Car Platinum certified estimator will inspect and photograph the vehicle, as well as perform a pre-scan to help determine any other potential damage.

RDuring inspection, we will determine point of impact and by understanding what types of materials are used on potential crush zones in the area of damage. We follow the damage away from the POI (Point of Impact) to identify any potential secondary or residual damage.

RWe also identify any ADAS (Advanced Driver Awareness Systems) which may need to be calibrated or initialized as a result of the damage, or the processes required to repair the damage.

ROnce damage is identified, we determine if components are repairable or require replacement referring to OEM repair procedures. We also determine if any systems need calibration, determine quality of replacement parts and materials required by manufacturer, identify potential hidden damage, and determine repair time in shop and available scheduling opportunities.

RIf insurance is being filed, we submit the estimate to the insurance company.

Drive in estimate for automotive body and glass repair Grand Forks

Phase 2) Drop off your automobile for repairs at 5-Star Collision & Glass Center

RWe’ll help you arrange a ride or rent a vehicle, if need.

RWe wash your vehicle to clean the repair area and allow for a better repair. After cleaning, we begin disassembly to identify any hidden damage which may require additional parts, longer repair times, and/or additional insurance approval.

ROur I-Car Platinum certified technician reference any repair procedures necessary to determine if any additional tools, materials, or steps are needed and begin repairs. During the repair process we will be using state of the art repair tools and materials to make sure that your vehicle will retain its safety, integrity, durability, performance, fit, and finish.

Frame Welding and Straightening Grand Forks - Chassis repair

Phase 3) Painting & Finishing

ROnce all body and/or structural repairs are completed, our I-Car Platinum Certified painter will prepare the vehicle for painting depending on the material being painted. He will then mask the vehicle and begin painting.

RIn our advanced paint booths, technicians wear proper equipment for safety and to keep the paint and work area clean. 5 Star uses top of the line PPG Envirobase paint to make sure you finish looks just as great as it did the day you bought it. After paint has been applied, we apply a bake cycle to help cure and harden your paint to retain its durability.

RAfter painting, all parts are reassembled. We perform any necessary calibration, test drive, and post scans to the vehicle verifying no additional faults are present.

RWe perform one last cleaning on the vehicle, followed by a final Quality Control Inspection (QCI) to verify all repairs have been made and made correctly.

RDuring the repair process we will reach out to you with any important or noteworthy information. If at any time you have questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Taping For Automotive Repainting

Phase 4) Vehicle Delivery

ROnce all repairs and scans are completed and your vehicle has passed inspection, we will contact you that your vehicle is ready.

RWith 5-Star Collision & Glass Repair you can rest assured that your vehicle was repaired with industry and manufacture approved tools and materials. We’ll get your automobile back to pre-accident condition, backed by a lifetime guarantee on all paint and workmanship.

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