The Estimate


Upon your arrival in our estimate bay, an I-Car Platinum Certified estimator will inspect and photograph your vehicle. We’ll also perform a pre-scan to assess any other damage.

We examine the point of impact (POI) to understand what types of materials are used in the area of damage, and identify any Advanced Driver Awareness Systems (ADAS) that we may need to recalibrate.

Once we thoroughly identify the damage, we’ll look at what components we can repair and which ones we’ll need to replace by referring to OEM repair procedures.

Lastly, we’ll work with you to schedule the necessary repair time and arrange a ride or rental car for you, if needed. If you’re filing with insurance, we’ll also submit the estimate to your insurance company.

Car in the estimate bay missing most of the front passenger side quarter panel.
Technician using tool to repair damage near gas cap rear driver's side.

Vehicle Repairs


Before we begin repairs, we’ll wash your vehicle — including the areas of wreckage — to facilitate a smoother repair process and provide a clean workspace for our technicians.

Our team begins disassembling your vehicle to further identify any other hidden damage before moving on to the next step.

Our I-Car Platinum Certified technician references the proper procedures related to the type of damage to determine if any additional tools, materials, or steps are necessary.

Vehicle repairs begin. We use state-of-the-art tools and materials to make sure your vehicle retains its safety, integrity, performance, and finish.

Painting & Finishing


Once we complete body and/or structural repairs, our I-Car Platinum Certified painter evenly coats your vehicle with top-of-the-line PPG Envirobase paint, then cures it to ensure durability.

Next, we’ll assemble all the parts on your vehicle and perform any necessary calibration, test drives, and scans to verify that no additional faults are present.

Our team conducts one last cleaning on your vehicle, as well as a final Quality Control Inspection (QCI) to confirm that all repairs are completed correctly.

Throughout the repair process, we’ll maintain communication with you as needed with noteworthy or important information. You’re welcome to contact us with questions or concerns at any time.

Technician buffing out front driver's side quarter panel after repairs.
Newly refurbished vehicle buffed and polished looking good parked outside.

Vehicle Delivery


We’ll perform one last round of inspections to confirm that repairs of your vehicle are finished, then notify you that your vehicle is ready to pick up.

Lastly, you pick up your vehicle and pay any remaining balances after insurance, if applicable.

Rest assured that all of our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle.

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